Frequencies of Long-Wave Phonon-Polaritons and Optical Phonons in Diatomic Ionic Crystals


  • A. A. Stupka Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University



ionic crystal, self-consistent electromagnetic field, long-wave vibrations, phonon-polaritons, longitudinal optical phonons, ion plasma frequency


Long-wave phonon-polaritons and longitudinal optical phonons in ionic crystals with two atoms per unit cell have been considered. The model of the point charge and the self-consistent electromagnetic field in the dielectric medium is used. The standard dispersion laws for both branches of phonon-polaritons regarded as transversal waves are obtained. The frequency of longitudinal optical phonons is expressed in terms of the ion plasma frequency in an insulator multiplied by the factor √︀


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Stupka, A. A. (2018). Frequencies of Long-Wave Phonon-Polaritons and Optical Phonons in Diatomic Ionic Crystals. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 59(8), 793.



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