Variational Method for the Calculation of Critical Distance Between Two Coulomb Centers in Graphene

  • O. O. Sobol Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Keywords: graphene, supercritical instability, critical distance, Kantorovich variational method


The supercritical instability in a system of two identical charged impurities in gapped graphene described in the continuous limit by the two-dimensional Dirac equation has been studied. The case where the charge of each impurity is subcritical, but their sum exceeds the critical value calculated in the version with a single Coulomb center, is considered. Using the developed variational method, the dependence of the critical distance Rcr between the impurities on their total charge is calculated. The Rcr-value is found to grow as the total impurity charge increases and the quasiparticle band gap decreases. The results of calculations are compared with those obtained in earlier researches.


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