Can Globular Clusters in the Galaxy Be Classified by the Velocity Anisotropy Parameter?

  • I. U. Tadjibaev National University of Uzbekistan, Chirchik State Pedagogical Institute in Tashkent Region
  • S. N. Nuritdinov National University of Uzbekistan
Keywords: globular star clusters, globular cluster classification, velocity anisotropy parameter


Classification problems of globular star clusters in the Galaxy have been briefly discussed. The values of the velocity anisotropy parameter are calculated for 36 globular clusters, by using relatively new data for their apparent surface density. Those values are grouped into three classes. The correlation of the examined parameter with other parameters of globular clusters is analyzed.


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Tadjibaev, I., & Nuritdinov, S. (2019). Can Globular Clusters in the Galaxy Be Classified by the Velocity Anisotropy Parameter?. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 64(4), 271.
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