Sound Vibrations in Ionic Crystal Taking Electric Field Correlations into Account


  • A. A. Stupka Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University



sound vibrations, electric field correlation, Euler equation


Small vibrations in a solid insulator in the presence of a self-consistent electric field with the first strength moment at the equilibrium equal to zero and the second one different from zero have been considered. A new variable, the second moment of electric field strength, was introduced into the Euler equation, and a temporal equation for this variable was derived on the basis of Maxwell equations in the hydrodynamic approximation. A wave equation was obtained, and its solutions – two transverse and one longitudinal sound vibration branches – are found. The transverse sound velocity is calculated; the results obtained correspond to those calculated using the shear modulus to an accuracy of about 10%.


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Stupka, A. A. (2018). Sound Vibrations in Ionic Crystal Taking Electric Field Correlations into Account. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 58(12), 1156.



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