Conditions for Spherical Detonation in Hydrogen-Oxygen Mixture


  • M. M. Polatayko -



gas dynamics, a strong point explosion, blast, detonation, the system of Hugoniot equations, Semenov formula, Chapman–Jouguet regime, hydrogen-oxygen mixture, Haber scheme, Lewis scheme, kinetics of chemical reactions


Initial detonation conditions required for fast chemical reactions to take place at the front of a spherical explosive wave have been determined. A simple relation describing the critical detonation temperature for various pressures in the hydrogen-oxygen mixture was obtained. Using the known formulas for a shock transition, the critical temperature was coupled with the initial conditions in a static environment, such as the pressure, temperature, and hydrogen content in the mixture.


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Polatayko, M. M. (2018). Conditions for Spherical Detonation in Hydrogen-Oxygen Mixture. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 58(10), 962.



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