Uhf Reflectometry of Plasma by Extraordinary Waves with a Frequency below the Electron Cyclotron Frequency


  • A. I. Skibenko National Science Center Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology




UHF reflectometry of plasma, Doppler shift


Comparative dependences of the refractive index on the profiles of a plasma density and a magnetic field are found for ordinary and extraordinary waves under various conditions of plasma probing. Advantages of using the extraordinary wave (X-wave) with a frequency below the electron cyclotron frequency for the diagnostics of a magnetoactive plasma are analyzed with regard for the experimental conditions on a U-3M torsatron. The refraction of microwaves at the oblique plasma probing is studied taking the poloidal component of a magnetic field into consideration. The Doppler shift of an X-wave reflected from the moving plasma layer is found to exceed that of an ordinary wave (O-wave).



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Plasmas and gases