Influence of Tin Impurity on Degradation of Conductivity in Electron-Irradiated n-Si


  • M. M. Kras’ko Institute of Physics, Nat. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine



silicon, electron irradiation, tin-vacancy complex


The influence of an isovalent tin impurity on the electron concentration in Cz n-Si irradiated with 1-MeV electrons has been studied both experimentally and theoretically. It is found that the Sn impurity leads to the acceleration of the conductivity degradation in electron-irradiated nSi. The effect is more pronounced in high-resistance samples, whereas the rates of electron removal from low-resistance ones are almost identical in both materials. This fact can be explained by the difference between the formation efficiency of main compensating radiation- induced defects in n-Si doped with Sn (SnV and VP complexes) and undoped n-Si (mainly, VP complexes), which depends of the concentration of phosphorus in the samples.


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Kras’ko, M. M. (2018). Influence of Tin Impurity on Degradation of Conductivity in Electron-Irradiated n-Si. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 58(3), 243.



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