SPR in Cesium Halide Thin Films Due to Embedded Elliptic Cesium Metal Nano-Particles

  • Kuldeep Kumar Department of Physics, S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, University of Delhi
  • P. Arun Material Science Research Lab, S.G.T.B. Khalsa College, University of Delhi
Keywords: alkali halides, thin films, X-ray diffraction, UV-visible spectroscopy


Cesium nanorods embedded in cesium halides (CsCl, CsBr, and CsI) show surface plasmon resonance (SPR) absorption peaks. The size and shape of these cesium nanorods in the cesium halide matrix evolve with time, which gives some uncontrollable data for comparing with the theory. The theory used here was developed by R. Gans. It leads to the good match between experiment and theory for Cs–Cs halide nanocomposites.


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