Shear Viscosity of Aqueous Electrolyte Solutions


  • V. M. Makhlaichuk I.I. Mechnikov National University of Odesa



aqueous electrolyte solutions, kinematic shear viscosity, temperature dependence, concentration dependence


The kinematic shear viscosity of aqueous electrolyte solutions has been studied. The temperature dependence of this parameter is shown to be described by an exponential formula at T < Td and a formula of the argon-like type at T > Td, where Td is the temperature of the dipole ordering, in the whole considered concentration interval. Main attention is focused on the peculiarities in the temperature and concentration dependences of the shear viscosity in the argon-like interval. It is shown that the root-like concentration dependence can appear, only if the Debye theory of dilute electrolyte solutions is applicable. Beyond its validity domain, the series expansion of the kinematic shear viscosity in the concentration parameter should have an analytical character. The latter behavior is inherent in the concentration dependence of the shear viscosity in the majority of experiments. The error of reproducing the experimental data did not exceed the experimental one, i.e. it was smaller than 4–5%.


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Physics of liquids and liquid systems, biophysics and medical physics