Study of Atomic Populations, Electromagnetically Induced Transparency, and Dispersive Signals in a λ-Type System Under Various Decoherence Effects


  • R. Hazra Department of Physics, Aliah University
  • Md.M. Hossain Department of Physics, Aliah University



electromagnetically induced transparency, dispersion, decoherence, density matrix, lambda-type system


We have theoretically studied the atomic populations, electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT), and dispersion in a three-level Λ-type system. The density matrix equations are set up with regard for the relaxation of populations of the ground states, and the optical Bloch equations are solved analytically in the weak probe field approximation. Decoherence effects in the ground and excited states on the EIT line shape and dispersive signals are studied, and it is found that the EIT line width increases and the peak height decreases, as the decoherence rates increase in the ground and excited states. On the other hand, we have observed that the dispersive signals are steeper and of high contrast for the lower decoherence rates in the ground and excited states. We have also analyzed the variations of atomic populations of the energy levels at the pump Rabi frequency, as well as the decoherence rate in the ground state.


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Hazra, R., & Hossain, M. (2019). Study of Atomic Populations, Electromagnetically Induced Transparency, and Dispersive Signals in a λ-Type System Under Various Decoherence Effects. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 64(3), 197.



Optics, atoms and molecules