Electrical Properties of Sis Heterostructures n-SnS2/CdTeO3/p-CdZnTe


  • I. G. Orletskyi Yu. Fed’kovich National University of Chernivtsi
  • M. I. Ilashchuk Yu. Fed’kovich National University of Chernivtsi
  • E. V. Maistruk Yu. Fed’kovich National University of Chernivtsi
  • M. M. Solovan Yu. Fed’kovich National University of Chernivtsi
  • P. D. Maryanchuk Yu. Fed’kovich National University of Chernivtsi
  • S. V. Nichyi Yu. Fed’kovich National University of Chernivtsi




thin film, spray-pyrolysis, heterostructure, energy diagram, dielectric layer


Conditions for the production of rectifying semiconductor-insulator-semiconductor (SIS) heterostructures n-SnS2/CdTeO3/p-Cd1−xZnxTe with the use of the spray-pyrolysis of SnS2 thin films on p-Cd1−xZnxTe crystalline substrates with the formation of an intermediate tunnel-thin CdTeO3 oxide layer have been studied. By analyzing the temperature dependences of the current-voltage characteristics, the dynamics of the heterostructure energy parameters is determined, and the role of energy states at the CdTeO3/p-Cd1−xZnxTe interface in the formation of forward and reverse currents is elucidated. By analyzing the capacity-voltage characteristics, the processes of charge accumulation and inversion in SIS structures is considered. An energy diagram of the examined heterostructure, which well describes experimental electro-physical phenomena, is proposed.


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Orletskyi, I. G., Ilashchuk, M. I., Maistruk, E. V., Solovan, M. M., Maryanchuk, P. D., & Nichyi, S. V. (2019). Electrical Properties of Sis Heterostructures n-SnS2/CdTeO3/p-CdZnTe. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 64(2), 164. https://doi.org/10.15407/ujpe64.2.164



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