Influence of Longitudinal Electric Field on Thermodynamic Properties of NH3CH2COOH·H2PO3 Ferroelectric

  • A. S. Vdovych Institute for Condensed Matter Physics, Nat. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine
  • I. R. Zachek Lviv Polytechnic National University
  • R. R. Levitskii Institute for Condensed Matter Physics, Nat. Acad. Sci. of Ukraine
Keywords: ferroelectrics, electric field, polarization, dielectric permittivity, piezoelectric coefficients


Using a modified model of ferroelectric glycine phosphite by considering the piezoelectric coupling with strains e1 within the two-particle cluster approximation, the expressions for the polarization vector, static dielectric permittivity tensor, piezoelectric coefficients, and elastic constants of the crystal in the presence of a longitudinal electric field E2 are calculated. An analysis of the influence of this field on thermodynamic characteristics of the crystal is carried out. The dependence of effective dipole moments on order parameters is taken into account. This allowed us to agree the effective dipole moments in the ferro- and paraelectric
phases and to describe the smearing of phase transition under the influence of an electric field. The satisfactory quantitative description of the available experimental data for these characteristics has been obtained at the proper choice of the model parameters.


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Vdovych, A., Zachek, I., & Levitskii, R. (2018). Influence of Longitudinal Electric Field on Thermodynamic Properties of NH3CH2COOH·H2PO3 Ferroelectric. Ukrainian Journal of Physics, 63(4), 350.
Physics of magnetic phenomena and physics of ferroics